Capturing Bali Ebook
Vivian Gallogly

Capturing Bali Ebook

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Bali... A Photographic Journey by Vivian Gallogly is a virtual stunning collection of photographs reflecting the vibrant culture, magnificent landscapes and indigenous people of one of the most famous islands in the Indonesian Archipelago. Through his keen eye and person of his craft, documentary photographer Vivian Gallogly has masterfully captured the extraordinary beauty of Bali, this tropical Indonesian Island along with the primitive, yet purposeful lives of the Balinese people. 

With the turn of each page, Vivian transports us to a mythical place where time appears to have stood still in the ever-changing world. Most of us live in an, amazingly enough, a place much of its raw beauty still exists and progress moves at a snail's pace. The welcoming, contented faces of young and old alike will entice you to pack your bags ..... beckoning you to join them in experiencing all the possibilities this Island paradise has to offer.


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