Vivian Gallogly


Vivian Gallogly was born in Idyllic Armagh, Ireland, Vivian Gallogly later moved to England and was enrolled at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design. It was here his passion was ignited as he began studies focused on Specialized Documentary Photography. It was at the Surrey Institute he immersed himself in the art of photography and the privilege of being mentored by some of the worlds most distinguished and renowned photographers in the Industry. 
His love and admiration for the Art of photography has always been rooted in his belief that sight is one of our most awe-inspiring senses and our eyes are windows of the world and souls. It is only when we are able to capture those rare and sometimes fleeting moments that we can preserve indelible moments in our minds which last forever and if we choose they can be shared with the world, to be passed down from one generation to the next.
During the past five years, Vivian has infused his academic background by studying the work of both well known and obscure documentary and travel photographers. To develop his own sense of distinctive photographic style. Throughout his journey, he has discovered there is nothing better than doing something that you truly love. Vivian is grateful that his passion takes him to places he has never been while enabling him to meet the most extraordinary people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

 As a photographer, Vivian considers it an absolute privilege to become touched by a person's life even if its for a brief moment in time. Capturing those rare and special moments that will forever be remembered through images is a feeling he finds difficult to describe. Whether photographing exotic landscapes, lively cultural events, capturing an elders wisdom earned with age or the innocence in a child's smile, every shoot is a new page in Vivian's book of life. Having these unique experiences not only enhances Vivian's love and skill for the craft but also enables him to grow as a person as he continues his journey.